Furniture - Style Versus Utility

Your home would be just another building made up of bricks and stones if it were not for the love and the personal touches that you put in it. A house is converted into a home because of your value-add to it. This value add comes with time, energy and input. It could be in the colours that you choose for your walls or the furniture that occupies the space in the home.

Furniture has always been see as an item that should be used. It used to be seen purely for its sense of utility. A chair is to be sat on. A table is to be eaten on. A futon is for the feet to be rested on. Times have changed where the furniture is more than just a piece of wood kept in the house. People no longer shop aimlessly. There is always some idea, some design and some theme in mind before investing in furniture.


Why is Style and design important

Life is literally induced into the piece of wood with the help of style and design. There is character development which adds a tangible emotion into the atmosphere. When does a dining table become more than a piece of furniture? When it brings in emotion into the environment.

An aesthetically designed couch can make a person feel emotionally connected to the people around because it brings in both comfort and warmth. The same applies to furniture. A dining table with well-planned chairs and cushions that blends with the other items in the room is a very welcoming sight to the guest. A wholesome feeling is evoked when everything goes.

A home that has pieces of one era mismatched with another brings a sense of instability into the picture. It reflects on the homeowner in a bad way. It is a fact that the personality is seen through the way a home is designed. A badly planned setting can only mean that there is carelessness and haphazard behaviour on the part of the homeowner.

The aesthetics that a furniture brings on the home front can indeed make or break any sense of practice style that one intends to bring in. The right look is indeed everything. There is a significant difference between form and function of the piece of wood.

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A furniture can look stunning and yet have no sense of utility. The converse to that theory is a dull futon that plays a big part of your life.


The mark of a talented interior designer is the ability to combine the two and add both function as well as beauty to the home environment. A piece of furniture that is used as both an item of beauty as well as comfort is an asset to the house. It must blend with the atmosphere and the theme. The designer keeps in mind the emotion that must be brought out in a person while designing the look and feel of the furniture. There is a high percentage of the population who like to have furniture purely for its appearance than function. The materials used to design and build the furniture will by large depend on what the purpose is for - the beauty or the utility.


When the purpose of the wooden table is to provide both beauty and comfort, the materials used as well as the look and feel are modified sufficiently. The job is done and there is no compromise made on any level. Knowing the path to be taken is vital to the process of selecting both the furniture as well as the style. While designing an interior space, the list must be exhaustive in nature. The amount invested in furnishing a home is not small by any standards. A lot of time and thought must be applied before signing the cheque.


Be it a customer at the office or a guest at home, the first impression matters. The furniture that is used to occupy the space helps in contributing as to how the environment is to be perceived.

An office that is involved with public relations would like a very formal setting where as the office of a police commissioner might prefer a very formal and strict look. It is the furniture that helps in bring out the desired effect of the atmosphere.